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We are a Liposomal vitamin supplement company based in the UK. Our story began with wanting to find true liposomal vitamin supplements, which only use natural preservatives. We created Love Liposomal so we can ensure our customers only use supplements that are from trusted sources with the highest-quality natural ingredients.

We aim to become the most trusted source of liposomal supplements on the market by combining experience, innovation, and dedication in one place.


We deal only with liposomal vitamin supplements that have excellent bioavailability and supply us with the vital nutrients for optimal sustenance. Liposomal vitamin supplements employ cutting-edge technology to deliver essential nutrients to the body. They make use of liposomes which possess bi-lipid layers that make it easier to transport these vitamins across the lipid cell membranes for maximal absorption.

Bioavailability is at the core of what makes our products effective. This is ensured through our various liposomal formulas.

Furthermore, our liposomal vitamins have the added advantage of being preserved with only a natural preservative –Natural Sea buckthorn extract.


Trust: We are big on transparency. We believe it is very important to know what you consume as this has a major impact on your health. We never supply you with products that use fillers, synthetics, and other artificial preservatives. We believe the best way to do something is to do it right. That is why we are committed to providing you with the most reliable products that you can always trust.

Excellence: In everything we do, excellence comes first because your body deserves the best. Therefore, high quality of our products is something we can always guarantee.

Sustainability: We are committed to preserving the environment. We take it as our collective responsibility to protect the earth’s natural resources.


We care about the environment and aim to contribute our quota towards maintaining and sustaining the eco system. We work closely with our partner (more : trees) to improve our ecological footprint. For this reason, we are planting trees on all orders over £75.


From the onset, our products were inspired by our personal experiences with liposomal supplements. However, it proved difficult to find true liposomal supplements that used only natural preservatives. We are here to provide you with high-quality products that will positively impact your wellbeing and personal health journey.

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