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Dose: 10ml

Each dose contains 250mg of quercetin

25 Servings per bottle

Consume within 6 weeks of opening


Love Liposomal studies show the absorption rate of liposomal supplements is up to 63x higher compared to normal supplements.

Liposomes are made from the same material as our cell membranes, so the nutrient can be absorbed straight into our cells. This overcomes the problems that tablets and powders face. Liposomal delivery system prevents stomach upset that is common with normal tablets.

The main challenge for typical forms of vitamins/supplements is that they must travel through the digestive system reducing the amount of active ingredient that’s available for uptake.

Love Liposomal products are made in an ISO 22000 and GMP certified lab to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of supplements.



Quercetin is a non-citrus bioflavonoid, that is naturally present in fruit, vegetables and herbs, and is a class of powerful phytochemicals. Love liposomal Quercetin supplement delivers a high-strength dose of this natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in a stomach-friendly form, supporting immune health and overall well-being.



Quercetin stabilizes mast cells that release histamine, which helps against pollen and other allergies. This makes it effective for lowering the effects of not only seasonal allergies, but also food allergies and asthma. Quercetin plays a role in regulating the immune system’s response to outside stresses.



Quercetin is an important anti-inflammatory because it acts as an antioxidant, which means it fights the natural process of “oxidation” that takes place over time as we age. It helps reduce swelling, control blood sugar and to kill cancer cells. Quercetin’s antioxidant abilities means it works to prevent oxidation and reduce inflammation in the body. It helps many diseases which are linked to inflammation. This anti-inflammatory effect can massively protect the health of your heart. 



In addition to its powerful antioxidant properties, quercetin has been shown to support cardiovascular health, respiratory function, and cognitive performance, making it a versatile supplement for daily wellness. This 250ml bottle contains 25 servings of fast-absorbing liquid, with each 10ml dose delivering 250mg of Quercetin, with a delicious gentle ginger flavour. 


Our quercetin complex is encapsulated in liposomes, small bubbles that are like the body's cells that protect the nutrient as it passes through the digestive system unaffected by the digestive juices. This ensures maximum absorption and effectiveness through the bloodstream down to the cellular level. This also means that this form of supplement is kinder to the stomach than others such as capsules and pills.



Our liposomal Quercetin is made from non-GMO ingredients, its sugar-free, soy-free, and dairy-free and is 100% vegan and gluten-free, making it a safe and healthy choice for individuals with dietary restrictions, intolerances or personal preferences.



Love Liposomal products are made in an ISO 22000 and GMP-certified lab to ensure our customers receive the highest quality supplements. Only natural preservatives like Sea Buckthorn Extract are used in our supplements, plus all products are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free and sugar-free to ensure clean and pure formulations. All products contain liposomal technology for high bioavailability and faster absorption than other supplement formats.


Not suitable for pregnant women or children unless advised to by your health professional. Not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle or a balanced diet. Do not exceed the stated recommended intake.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is liposomal quercetin used for?

Liposomal quercetin has been shown to have potential protective effects against heart disease and cancer. It is believed that quercetin can help stabilise cells responsible for releasing histamine in the body, leading to anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects. By stabilising these cells, quercetin may reduce allergic reactions and inflammation associated with histamine release. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of quercetin may offer further benefits in preventing or managing various health conditions.

What is liposomal quercetin?

Liposomal quercetin, a plant-based flavonoid, is renowned for its antioxidant properties. In this specific dietary supplement, quercetin is enhanced with a patented liposomal structure composed of natural phospholipids. This unique formulation aims to maximise the bioavailability of quercetin in the human body, ensuring that it can be readily absorbed and utilised. By using this liposomal delivery system, the supplement optimises the potential health benefits of quercetin, allowing for improved absorption and utilisation of this powerful antioxidant compound.

What are the top benefits of quercetin?

Including liposomal quercetin in your diet offers numerous health benefits. Quercetin has been found to have properties that can help lower coagulation (blood clotting), hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels), inflammation, and hypertension (high blood pressure). Clinical studies have demonstrated that quercetin supplementation can be implemented as a preventive and therapeutic approach for various chronic diseases, particularly cardiovascular disorders. These studies highlight the potential of quercetin in promoting cardiovascular health and managing related conditions.

How does quercetin fight viruses?

Quercetin has been found to exhibit antiviral effects by blocking the entry of viruses into host cells, which is the initial step of the viral replication cycle. This blocking action is thought to occur through the interaction between quercetin and the influenza NA (neuraminidase) protein. Additionally, quercetin may also interact with other viral components, such as the M2 protein and NA genes, as well as interfere with viral RNA polymerase activity. 

Is quercetin an anti-inflammatory?

Quercetin has been identified as a potent and long-lasting anti-inflammatory compound, exhibiting strong anti-inflammatory properties. It has been shown to possess the ability to reduce inflammation in various cell types, as demonstrated in both animal and human models. Multiple studies have highlighted the anti-inflammatory potential of quercetin, underscoring its efficacy in mitigating inflammatory responses. 

Is quercetin a natural antihistamine?

Quercetin is considered a natural antihistamine. It has been found to possess antihistamine properties, which means it can help reduce the release of histamine in the body and alleviate allergic reactions. By inhibiting the release of histamine, quercetin can potentially help relieve symptoms such as sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and nasal congestion commonly associated with allergies.



Purified Water, Glycerol, Phospholipids, Quercetin Dihydrate, Natural Ginger Flavour, Malic Acid, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Rosemary Extract

The natural sea buckthorn extract serves as a preservative which offers even more health benefits over some products that contain chemical preservatives like potassium sorbate.

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Our products can be taken neat or added to a water/juice.

If adding to a smoothie, add once you have blended otherwise this can damage the structure of the liposomes.

All of our products are designed so that they can be taken together.

Not suitable for pregnant women or children unless advised to by your health professional. Not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle or a balanced diet. Do not exceed the stated recommended intake.

Multi Award Winning

Love Liposomal have been recognised by industry experts for creating class leading liposomal supplements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Excellent Product

This is my first Liposomal product. It is of very high quality and tastes good. I will continue to take it to combat my allergies and reduce inflammation.

Elisabeth S.
good quality

I really like this product and feel like it is powerful and good quality.

Helen G.

Found to be absorbed much better than tablets, would recommend!

Great quality supplement

Taking quercetin for nerve damage. Happy that i found the liposomal version, which makes absorption easier


Hmm no real detailed ingredients list actually none at all.
My functional medicine practitioner was not impressed in the slightest and I feel a fool for wasting my money on something flying blind.